Three reasons why people don’t contact an injury attorney after their car accident

Three reasons why people don’t contact an injury attorney after their car accident: 

  1. Time 

We understand that being injured in an accident can be inconvenient. No one ever hopes to get in an accident while driving. For the sake of time, you may find it most convenient to shrug off the pain, tough it out and head home. If you’re involved in a serious accident where your car has been totaled or you’re being rushed to the hospital, the first thing you (or your loved ones) may do is call the insurance company. We get it, who else is going to pay the medical bill, get you a rental car, compensate for this huge inconvenience? It’s understandable, but there is one piece missing in this way of thinking: the perspective your insurance company is coming from. 

When you call your insurance provider, they are trained to give you the first and “best” rate for convenience. What this means is, your insurance provider will cover the minimum to satisfy the current situation. Long-term effects from the accident will not be taken into account. Injuries that show themselves after the adrenaline wears off, compensation for work days missed, any impact the accident has had on your livelihood, none of these factors are taken into consideration, unless fought for with evidence. Having a lawyer who values time and efficiency would fight for you and provide the support system you need while recovering. We know that time is valuable, too valuable to be subject to an injury with no recovery plan or support.  

  1. Finances 

Maybe time is on your side, however, finances are not. Our attorneys are experienced and educated in the process of injury law. Our process involves you every step of the way. We’ll let you know if you have a case, and what could be the end result. Our attorneys will always communicate where a settlement would leave you financially and if it is worth it to pursue. We take every step with you and you don’t pay a penny unless we win your settlement. No hidden fees, just a team completely invested in your recovery and getting the compensation you and your loved ones deserve after your accident. 

  1. Fear & Intimidation 

It’s easy to be intimidated by the idea of reaching out to a lawyer. Even more so the fear of the legal process. Most people believe that by involving a lawyer, you are signing up for a messy and drawn out legal process. Or, that you are “suing” the very kind individual who caused the accident unintentionally. Cappy Law exists to break this stigma attached to legal claims. You don’t have to be scared of how a claim will make you look, or who it will hurt because all claims are done professionally and through insurance companies. We are here to get you the healing you deserve, and in order to do that, we work with the insurance providers to release the funds you need to recover. We are never taking this money from the pocket of people, instead we pull from the money we all pay to insurance companies every year! Our team is trained to be your support, not just a legal representative. We exist to serve our community, to be your support system, a resource, and even a friend during your legal process. Why? Well, because we know how difficult it is to recover from an injury. Not to mention if you’re doing it alone and on top of all of your current life to-do lists. 

Our hope is if you’re injured in an accident, you have the courage and confidence to reach out to our team here at Cappy Law. We are working to bring clarity to claim myths and common misconceptions, in hopes of helping people in our city after they’ve been injured in an accident. You don’t have to shrug off your pain, or be scared to seek help after an accident. Your health is our first priority, and we want you to feel confident enough to put your health first after a crash without reservation.