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Ryan Cappy, Attorney at Law

Our highly experienced legal team takes on all types of personal injury claims and lawsuits throughout the State of Florida. We offer our clients aggressive, quality legal representation that costs nothing unless we recover a settlement or verdict on the case. Being injured in an accident is traumatic enough, but then facing overwhelming medical expenses and the stress of losing income, if you are unable to work, can push anyone into serious emotional trauma. If you or someone you know has been injured because of another person’s negligent conduct, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. I can review your unique case in order to determine what can be done to help you recover the monetary damages you deserve.

  • Uber/Lyft Safety

    As ride-sharing (ie: Uber, Lyft, etc.) becomes more popular all over the world, it’s important to be proactive about rider safety. Here are a few safety precautions to follow: Review the driver profile before you step into their car. Find out their name, how well they’re rated, comments from previous riders, and how long they’ve…

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  • Pedestrian Rights in Florida

    Did you know that in Florida vehicles must yield or stop for individuals legally crossing the street at an intersection? This also applies to bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers. Failing to yield could result in a citation and/or three points on your driver’s license. Not to mention, you could severely injury someone. As a pedestrian…

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  • Legal Options After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

      If you’ve been injured due to a drunk driving accident, we’re here to help you feel confident about the legal process.  Our attorneys have an understanding of how insurance companies work, and what your case needs in order for us to recover the monetary damages you deserve as the victim of a drunk driver….

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