Legal Options After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

If you’ve been injured due to a drunk driving accident, we’re here to help you feel confident about the legal process.  Our attorneys have an understanding of how insurance companies work, and what your case needs in order for us to recover the monetary damages you deserve as the victim of a drunk driver.

Our Approach

When someone gets behind the wheel while intoxicated and causes an accident or injuries, they can be held liable for the crash under Florida Law and punitive damages may be applied as well. Punitive damages could double, or even triple the value of your claim. Punitive damages are designed to punish a drunk driver or to deter the behavior that resulted in an injury. Our attorneys use their knowledge and experience to lead your case and fight for compensation based on the details they are given in your free case evaluation and throughout your case journey.


What do I do if my loved one was killed by a drunk driver?

If someone dies as a result of a drunk driving accident, a wrongful death claim, or even a lawsuit, could be in order. Our team understands that the wrongful death of a loved one is a tragedy and should be handled with intentional care and compassion. We will help to set up the estate and pursue legal action against the drunk driver.

How are drunk driving cases different from regular accidents, or crash cases?

The main difference in a drunk driving accident or crash is the fact that you may be entitled to punitive damages if you are injured by a drunk driver. Our attorneys know how to pursue this type of claim to double or even triple the value of your case or claim to punish the drunk driver who caused your injuries.

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