Get to Know Kathy Pacheco

In this month’s installment of our Get to Know series, we’re introducing you to Kathy Pacheco!

Kathy is a case manager on our team who also assists with marketing. 

As a case manager, Kathy keeps everything organized, and running smoothly to help create a successful injury claim for our clients. Her duties include organizing case files, managing caseloads, coordinating client communication, monitoring budgets, billing, timelines, and so much more. 

We’re excited for you to get to know Kathy!

Enjoy her Q&A!

What is your favorite restaurant in Tampa?

The food scene in Tampa continues to get better! There are so many great restaurants in the area that it’s hard to choose just one. I like them all! 

What is your favorite weekend activity?

On the weekends, I love playing different sports and socializing with my friends and family.

How long have you been with Cappy Law?

I’ve been with Cappy Law for five years now!

What is the best thing about working at Cappy Law?

The best thing about working at Cappy Law is that Ryan and his administration are understanding, fair, appreciative, and respectful. That’s hard to come by, and I’m so grateful they uphold those aspects because it makes coming to work enjoyable and fulfilling. 

Why do you enjoy working in Personal Injury?

I enjoy working in personal injury because it allows me to help our clients heal and receive the compensation they deserve for what they’ve experienced. 

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