Feeling Pain After An Accident? Here’s What To Do.

Feeling some pain after an accident?

Immediately following a crash, adrenaline can increase so quickly that it shadows the true sensations of pain coming from any underlying issues. When the adrenaline wears off, pain is often the first indicator of potential injury. It is important not to wait for pain as a signal to take action.


Ways to take initial action after being involved in an accident:


Record as many details as possible

Taking photos or video after an accident is the quickest way to collect details from the crash. Other information can be documented on your phone or on paper. To ensure nothing is lost or misplaced, back-up all of the information to a second device or print/place documents together in a safe place. Depending on the severity of the accident, initial details may not be able to be collected. In this case, information provided by witnesses will be essential.


Call the police and file a police report

Filing a police report is an important step. It is required by many insurance companies in order to fight for compensation from the accident. It also makes sure that the at fault party gives you the correct insurance information and does not change their story at a later time.


Get checked by a doctor

Waiting to take action could result in long-term effects or permanent disability. Whether you are experiencing severe pain after an accident, or none it all, It is important to get checked out by a doctor.


Call an injury attorney

Being injured in a car accident is traumatic enough. Not to mention facing overwhelming medical expenses, loss of income or an inability to work. Call an experienced injury attorney to handle your case and work to recover the monetary damages you deserve.


Don’t delay

Start right away as every detail is worth documenting, reviewing and paying attention to. Don’t wait to take action if you’ve been in an accident. It could put you at a severe disadvantage moving forward.


If you or a loved one feels pain after a car accident or has been injured due to someone’s negligence, Cappy Law is committed to walking with you throughout the process and fighting to obtain the best possible outcome for your unique accident case.


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