Workers’ Compensation FAQs

Accidents can happen on the job just like they do anywhere else. It’s important that if you are injured on the clock you know your rights, next steps, and how best to document it. While no one wants to have to navigate this process, it’s always best to know what to do ahead of time so that when an emergency or injury situation arises you’re prepared!

Here are a few frequently asked questions surrounding Workers’ Compensation and accidents in the workplace:

What should I do first if I’m injured at work?

  • Tell your employer about the injury as soon as possible 
  • Document all of the details and take photos of the area you were injured in 
  • Seek medical treatment if you were hurt 
  • Contact an injury lawyer 

Do I have to pay any medical bills?

  • All authorized medical bills should be covered by your employer’s insurance company (reach out to your lawyer for specific questions regarding coverage and compensation)

My employer and/or their insurance company have denied my claim, what am I entitled to as I look to recover?

  • This varies significantly by case depending upon the accident, injury and other circumstances involved. If you feel at any time that the insurance company is not providing or paying out the full benefits you believe you are entitled to, you may wish to hire an attorney to represent you

Can I be fired if I am unable to work due to injury and am receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits?

  • No, under Florida law you cannot be fired because you have filed or have attempted to file a Workers’ Compensation claim. This is why making a claim early in the process is an important step after being injured. 

Is there anyone I can ask for assistance if I have questions?

  • Cappy Law is here to help any questions you have after an injury. Our main goal is to serve our city and the people in it. Call anytime for any kind of questions, no strings attached. If our staff can’t personally help you, we will provide you with the resources you need to take next steps!