What Do You Cover in a Free Case Evaluation?

Case evaluations allow lawyers to connect with injured victims and dive into the details of their incident, in order to determine if there is a valid claim or case. It is important that the individual be given space after an accident to ask questions freely and express concerns. Case evaluations are a non stressful and easy way for the injured to meet an attorney face-to-face (or virtually) to inquire about the help they need. Clients are asked to bring or send in (via mail/e-mail/text) all of the documents and materials regarding their accident. This information helps the attorney gain a deeper understanding of the incident. 

During each case evaluation the client will: 

  • Explain how the incident occurred;
  • Have an attorney listen and provide valuable feedback;
  • Be given direction towards the help they need 

Cappy Law focuses on making sure all of our clients feel heard, protected, and informed throughout their legal process. The case evaluation is important in order to build a trusted relationship with each potential client. Our approach is to keep steady and open communication with our clients, while working efficiently to recover the compensation they deserve.

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