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Social Security Disability

Are you eligible for social security disability payments?

Social Security Disability Insurance payments are made when a person is disabled from working due to chronic medical conditions, or a combination of medical impairments. In order to qualify, you need to have worked a certain number of quarters to be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Disabled workers are often denied SSD benefits, even when they are unable to work. Most SSDI claimants handle the first one or two steps of the benefits application problem themselves. If the first two parts of the disability claim are rejected because the claim of disability is denied, it is necessary to present medical and vocational evidence before a Federal Social Security Administrative law Judge (ALJ). Much of this evidence is presented through expert medical and vocational witnesses who offer their opinions about the claimant’s ability to work, given the medical records, the claimant’s educational and occupational background, and other circumstances such as age. We will present this evidence to the Administrative Law Judge on your behalf. You will never pay an attorney’s fee on a Social Security Disability Insurance Claim. The attorney’s fee is deducted from past benefits owed to you only when your claim is successful. And you owe us no fee if it fails. If you’re disabled from working in your most recent occupation, or can’t work at all, contact me immediately.

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