Navigating the Nursing Home Process

As your parents get older, they may begin to transition into Nursing Homes or Assisted Care Facilities, and this can seem like a daunting task. The main goal? Keeping them safe and making sure they’re taken care of. However, there are several factors to consider throughout the process. If you are or might soon be in the process of exploring potential care options for your loved ones, there are some things to think about so that you can be at peace about your choice! 

Advance Planning

Many of the best and most well-known facilities have wait lists. It’s important, especially if you aren’t quite to the process yet, to begin early. It’s a good idea to visit as many facilities as you can to get an idea of what kind of care is out there and what various facilities have to offer. If you’re able to decide sooner rather than later between various options, you may be able to get on a wait list and get into a facility that otherwise might be unavailable if you waited until the last minute.

Staff Care & Safety

As you’re touring facilities pay close attention to the staff. How do they interact with you? But also, how do they interact with the people they are caring for every day? Can you tell how quickly they respond to urgent requests or situations? Do they seem to truly know the people in their care? Absolutely no one wants their loved one to end up in a situation where there is a lack of attention and case. This can increase the risk of injuries to your parent(s) due to negligence.  As you tour, keep an eye out for interactions, atmosphere, number of employees, employee interaction, and safety procedures they have in place throughout the facility. 

Look into Medicaid Funding

If you don’t have the financial resources to pay for nursing homes or assisted living out of pocket, there are resources for you and your family! Be sure to look into different programs and opportunities in your state and area to become familiar with the Medicaid application process sooner rather than later.

Assisting a loved one in transitioning to a different living situation can certainly be stressful, but advance planning can lower that stress and bring peace of mind when the time comes. Most importantly it can help to ensure safety throughout the process. Give your loved ones the opportunity to choose from the best options available!