5 Questions to Ask During a Free Personal Injury Case Evaluation in Tampa

At Cappy Law, our Tampa personal injury lawyers ensure you feel heard, protected, and informed from start to finish. This includes your free case evaluation. 

If you aren’t quite sure what a free case evaluation entails, our blog post What is a Free Case Evaluation covers the basics, including:

  • The importance of free case evaluations
  • How to prepare for one
  • Possible questions a lawyer will ask

In this blog, we’re expanding on the questions to ask the lawyer during a free case evaluation section. 

5 Questions to Ask During a Free Case Evaluation

During your session, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about the details of your accident.

Communication is key, and we ensure the lines between our team and clients are always open to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.  

If you’re preparing for a case evaluation, ask these five questions. 

What are your expectations for me as a client?

Of course, as the client, you’ll expect the personal injury lawyer to help you win your case. But it’s important to note those expectations aren’t a one-way street. 

For a personal injury lawyer to do their best and create the results you want, as a client, you’ll need to be prompt in providing the information they need to formulate the best strategy for your case, for example. 

When the expectations of the relationship are set from the outset,, you build a strong foundation to achieve the shared goal – compensation for your case. 

How can I contact you if I want updates or have an emergency? What’s your typical response time?

This question builds off the last. Establishing and understanding the lines of communication between the client and the attorney is crucial. Ask questions such as “Can I call, text or email you if I have a question?”

As the client, you want to solidify the best mode of communication to reach your lawyer if something arises. 

What would your strategy look like to handle my case? How will you keep me informed of my case’s progress?

You want to get a glimpse into the lawyer’s thought process. This will help you gain confidence in their ability to win your case. 

This question is the starting point. To build on this, again, there’s a focus on communication. 

How will you stay informed of your case’s progress? This helps manage those expectations of your client/attorney relationship. 

What are the potential outcomes or scenarios for my case?

This question lets you see the personal injury lawyer’s expertise by tapping into their knowledge of the various outcomes of your case. 

“If this happens, then this will happen.”

These scenarios help you get the big picture and improve your understanding of the potential outcomes for your case. 

What’s your fee structure?

This is a basic yet important question to ask. You’ll want to know the potential fees and costs you’ll incur by going through this process. 

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