3 Holiday-related Risks to Look out for This Season

  1. Christmas decorations: Holiday lights can pose a hazard if not maintained properly. When hanging lights, there is risk for electrical shortages, which can damage your other lights and decorations. Not to mention increased potential for a fire. It’s important that if you discover damaged strings of lights, that you throw them away immediately. In addition, dry christmas trees are a leading cause of holiday fires. Be sure to make sure that your live Christmas tree always has plenty of water. Dry christmas trees can ignite a room in less than a minute! Keep your home safe by keeping your tree well watered. 
  1. Candles: We all love the smell of a festive candle! However, if not handled carefully, they can become a fire hazard! Here are some things you can do to lower risk of a house fire: 
    • Blow out your candles whenever you leave the room, and especially before going to sleep.
    • Don’t burn a candle all the way down.  put it out before it gets too close to the holder or container. If a candle burns all of the way down a fire could ignite, or the glass could get too hot and shatter. Both pose a huge hazard to you and your loved ones! To avoid accidents like this, you may consider flameless candles.
  1. Gifts: That’s right, gifts can lead to an injury too! When opening a new gift, take the time to read the instructions. It only takes a few moments to read about how your gift works. Those minutes could be the difference between enjoying that gift, or being injured by it. For toys, follow age guidance and other safety information on the packaging. Choose toys that match each child’s age and always use safe tools to open packaging! If using a knife to open packages, close the knife after use and do not leave it lying on the ground for a child to find. 

If you’re injured this holiday season, call Cappy Law. At Cappy Law, our main goal is to see you fully recovered. We fight for the compensation you deserve, and always focus on making you feel comfortable, confident, and supported throughout the process.