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Business Interruption Claims

Has your business suffered losses due to a catastrophic event such as a pandemic or natural disaster?

Business Interruption Coverage

In a catastrophic situation, you may have Business Interruption Coverage as part of your existing business insurance policies. This helps cover losses/expenses during situations when business is slower than usual, or completely shut down. During these scenarios, you will face unprecedented challenges, obstacles, and worries. Underpaid and denied Business Interruption Coverage should never be one of them.

We Hold Insurance Carriers Responsible

You rely on a certain amount of business every month to cover expenses for rent, employees, vendors, and many more. Having Business Interruption Coverage should help you cover losses during these times of uncertainty. Sometimes, insurance carriers will still underpay (or not pay at all) even if your business has been paying into this policy for a period of time. If you have the right coverage, we will help you pursue this claim to get exactly what you deserve.

How It Works

  • We will do a FREE analysis of your existing business policies.
  • If we believe you should be entitled to the promised benefits of this coverage, we will help you pursue a claim.
  • We will represent you as a business owner, and work on your behalf to negotiate with the insurance company, and pursue litigation if needed.
  • You pay nothing unless we successfully resolve your case through settlement, mediation, or a trial.

Next Steps

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